Bark "Jonathan Chase" of Damariscotta
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Published 03/01/17 MidCoast History

The ship portrayed above was built in 1866 by Joseph Day whose shipyard was located on Bristol Road, near Day’s Cove, in Damariscotta, Maine. From 1866 to 1882, the Jonathan Chase sailed to many ports-of-call around the world.

A newspaper article in 1874 record describes a fire onboard the Jonathan Chase while it was loading cotton in New Orleans. The fire was extinguished and the ship was saved. In a Daily Alta California newspaper account written in 1876, a voyage from San Francisco to Queenstown, New Zealand is recorded. The ship departed on or about August 17, 1876 and arrived on December 30…...a voyage of 3 1/2 months. An 1878 voyage from New York to Sydney took almost 4 months. For an 1880 voyage from New York to Melbourne, the ship departed on July 13 and arrived on November 19……..a trip lasting more than 4 months.

In 1882 the ship was loading cargo in Montevideo, Uruguay, when the cargo caught on fire. The heat was from the fire was so intense that crewmembers were unable to enter the hold to fight the fire and the ship was lost.