Damariscotta & Newcastle Train Stations
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Published 03/01/17 MidCoast History

Above are two historic images of the train stations that were located in Newcastle and Damariscotta Mills. The Newcastle Station in the top photo was located to the east off Academy Hill Road and the Mills Station was located about 2-3 miles further east along the tracks overlooking Great Salt Bay. In the lower image, the Bay can be seen off to the right. Travelers must have marveled that they could board a southbound train early in the afternoon and be in Boston by bedtime.

Today the Newcastle Station and Freight shed still stand on the same spot as then, along side the tracks. Both the Mills Station and its Freight shed are long gone .

In recent years, the Eastern Maine Railroad attempted to revive both passenger and freight service from Rockland to Brunswick. 2015 was the last year for passenger service as the Maine Public Utilities Com-mission revoked Eastern Maine’s license to operate passenger service and the daily round-trip train from Rockland to Brunswick was discontinued. With Amtrak now adding a third train daily from Brunswick to Boston, lets hope that passenger rail service will return to the Midcoast region during the summer months . Perhaps individually motorized Budd RDC units would be an economical and lucrative alter-native to the slow and cumbersome multi-car trains previously used by Eastern Maine.